2017 – InstaGate – AppleStore  Link,  AndroidStore  Link

2016 – Posetastic! App – iPad  Link

2013 – Carluccio’sSimple Cooking App‘ – iPad


  1. DATA VISUALIZATION – PROBLEM SOLVING – PROJECT PLANING – CODE ANALYSIS APPS for VR / AR / PC / MAC.  If you have a project that you feel could benefit from clarification and step wise analysis as illustrated below then Empowering Arts would love to hear from you!

Any set or sequence of steps, irrespective of complexity, can be represented as a simple visual algorithm. An interactive version of the graphing language is being developed to plan, develop and visualize networks of interdependent relationships. The example bellow is from our ‘Posetastic!’ app UI/UX system – note that there are no crossing lines which greatly increases clarity, understanding and collaboration between the art and the code team.


  1. POSETASTIC VR: Planning to make Posetastic iOS app for VR headsets.
  2. MUSIC VISUALISATION/SYNAESTHESIA VR: Creating digital syneasthesia/music visualisation software and pushing the boundaries of composition, performance and creation of music videos.
  3. 3D ENVIRONMENT TOOL: for environment concept art tool for games/film previz
  4. INTERACTIVE ARCH-VIZ DESIGN TOOLS: Using Unity3D and Houdini to design 3d visualizations of architectural elements.


2017 – InstaGate

Apple AppStore Link,  Android AppStore Link


ScreenShot_01_2732 2048


InstaGate is a simple way to visualise how electric gates would look on your driveway entrance. It’s possible to interactively change the shape of the gate to make it fit any gateway entrance. Made with Unity3D.

  • Import you own driveway photo and overlay new gate designs.
  • Save composed image to gallery
  • Try a combinations of Gates, Posts, Piers, Trees and Plants with more to come.



POSETASTIC APP is now available on the –  iPad AppStore

An innovative app for Artists & Animators on the move! A Poseable 3D Mannequin – very helpful for life-drawing, anatomy study, animation, sculpture, choreography and even music visuals!

  • Pose-to-Pose animation
  • Simple, intuitive posing tools
  • Unlimited Pose Presets
  • Lighting & Materials
  • Export to jpg, obj and bvh


Software: C#, uScript, Unity3D, Houdini


2013 – Carluccio’s ‘Simple Cooking’ iPadApp

Video Demonstration

Commissioned on behalf of world renowned Italian Chef, Antonio Carluccio, this app was created in collaboration with a Brighton based production company and featured:

  • High quality content and graphic design
  • Exceptional UI design, including a dynamic rotating carosel
  • Full instructional videos for each recipe
  • Options to add text notes and drawings to each recipe step
  • A “Scrapbooking” system that allowed users to easily extract & arrange their favourite recipe steps in their own personal recipes book
  • Favoriting (bookmarking) of recipes for quick navigation

This app was featured on iTunes, and selected by Apple for demo use in stores, but is no longer available in the app store.

Software: Photoshop, XCode